Learning all the ins and outs of the jargon associated with the field of data asset management can feel like learning another language. This non-exhaustive glossary is an important resource to guide you through the ever-changing field of data asset management.

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Sectorial resource A sectorial resource is a resource specifically used by a business unit within an organization.
Semantic convention The process of reaching consensus on the definition of resource types used by different business units within an organisation. Consensus is not about achieving a single definition of each resource type, but about consolidating the definitions of each business unit around common resource types that are consistent with the organisation's regulations.
Spatial data infrastructure Synonyms: Geographical data infrastructure

A spatial data infrastructure is a data infrastructure consisting of the policies, regulations, technologies and human resources that enable the discovery and use of geographical data.


A system is a set of interacting or interdependent resources that form a unified whole. A system is delimited by its spatial and temporal boundaries, related to its environment by its inputs and outputs, described by its structure, and defined by its functioning. Any system is considered a resource and can be part of a higher order system.