Learning all the ins and outs of the jargon associated with the field of data asset management can feel like learning another language. This non-exhaustive glossary is an important resource to guide you through the ever-changing field of data asset management.

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Chief data officer A chief data officer is a senior manager in an organisation who is responsible for data management. He or she is at the heart of the organisation's various operational and strategic issues and relies on a multidisciplinary team to make the most of the knowledge derived from the data assets and make it accessible for decision-making purposes.
Conceptual data model A conceptual data model describes the semantics of object classes and their relationships within datasets. The conceptual model is a high-level abstraction of the data, and therefore does not contain any characterisation (typing) of the object classes or technical considerations related to data storage or processing.
Cross-functional resource A cross-functional resource is a resource that is commonly used by the majority of business units in an organization.