Learning all the ins and outs of the jargon associated with the field of data asset management can feel like learning another language. This non-exhaustive glossary is an important resource to guide you through the ever-changing field of data asset management.

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Object class Synonyms: entity class
An object class defines a homogeneous set of resources with common properties that distinguish them as a group or class.
Official geodata According to the Swiss Geoinformation Act [RS 510.62], official geodata are geodata that are based on a federal, cantonal or municipal legislative act.
Official geodata are master data whose authority is based on a legal basis to which the organisation is subject.
Ontology An ontology defines the common terms and concepts, or semantics, used to describe and represent a knowledge domain. An ontology can range in expression from a taxonomy (knowledge with a minimal hierarchy or parent/child structure), to a thesaurus (words and synonyms), to a conceptual model (with more complex knowledge), to a logical theory (with very rich, complex, coherent and meaningful knowledge).
Organization An organization is a grouping of interacting individuals with a collective purpose.