Maturity assessment

Maturity assessment

Whether you are initiating or consolidating your data management programme, the maturity assessment is an excellent indicator of your organisation's performance in this area.
Based on the CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) reference model, a data management maturity model is a tool for understanding, evaluating and improving the activities of your organisation, regardless of its size.

Following numerous requests from our customers, we are making available a general data management maturity assessment tool freely available online. The results are a first step in the initiation or consolidation of your data management program.

How to value your evaluation?

Measuring the maturity level is clearly part of the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Adjust) model, one of the most popular methods for monitoring and continuously improving business processes. By using this maturity model, your organisation:

  • plans the strategic evolution of its data management programme;
  • controls the changes to be made and the resources required by determining the appropriate level of maturity to be achieved;
  • established a roadmap defining how and when to move from one level to the next.

Don't go it alone!

We support you throughout your continuous improvement process in data management with our PDCA services.

We conduct refined maturity assessments to target and prioritise areas for improvement in data management.

We perform risk analyses, based on measured maturity levels, to define strategic data management objectives.

We establish tactical roadmaps to support the defined strategic objectives.

We manage data infrastructure operational optimisation projects in accordance with established roadmaps.

Please contact us so that we can support you in managing your data assets!