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The primary goal of any organisation is to be able to effectively manage a set of assets to ensure its competitiveness and customer satisfaction. Also your first customer is you!

The need to digitise implies modelling one's organisation, both resources and processes, in order to lay the foundations for a shared understanding by all actors.
Data management ensures that the digital information stored and exchanged is appropriate to the needs expressed by the modelling of the organisation. It is therefore an essential pillar of any digital transformation.

Thanks to a holistic approach, a proven method and adapted tools, we accompany any organisation in a successful digital transition that meets its needs.

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Sectors of activity

Service offer

Topics covered



Ethical acquisition, storage, management, use and disposal of data



Planning, monitoring and control of data management and use



Building the overall data structure as part of the enterprise architecture

Modelling and design

Discovery, analysis, definition, representation and communication of data requirements in the form of data models

Storage and operation

Deployment and management of physical data storage



Planning, development and implementation of policies and procedures to ensure appropriate data protection

Integration and interoperability

Acquisition, extraction, transformation, movement, delivery, replication, federation, and virtualization of data as operational support

Document and content


Storing, protecting, indexing, integrating and providing access to data from unstructured information sources

Master and reference data

Management of shared data through the definition and use of normalised values

Warehousing and business intelligence


Processing of analytical data and publication as a decision aid



Collecting, categorising, updating, integrating, controlling and managing metadata



Defining, monitoring, maintaining data integrity and improving data quality

Areas of application

Public administration





Human resources





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